The Italian cuisine and Italian lifestyle

There's no room for bread, sausages or scrambled eggs!

For Italians, breakfast is a kind of ritual. The day starts with visiting your favourite bar for an aromatic coffee. Sometimes it's enough for the whole breakfast. This can be an espresso served with a small glass of water. It is worth remembering that it is used to wash the mouth before the first sip to make the coffee taste better. A coffee with milk is also perfect for breakfast. In Italy they drink this kind of coffee only until noon. As you know, coffee plays an important role and accompanies the Italians from morning to evening, often being the culmination of a hearty supper. That is why at I Love Italy we decided to ensure that both the coffee and the coffee machine are of the highest quality. When we combine the Sanremo Cafe Racer and the Etno Cafe, everything will be clear for coffee aficionados.

Italian breakfasts

Breakfast in Italian is la colazione! This can be confusing…

Most often, coffee is ordered with a crispy croissant or yeast pastries filled with cream. It all depends on the region. We try to choose the best from each of them. We recommend cornetti, Roman maritozzi, and Neapolitan sfogliatelles. In the past, in Venice, there was a custom of drinking a white ombra wine with breakfast.

Cibo di strada

...meaning Italian street food

When we hear street food, Asian countries usually come to mind... but Italy is a real kingdom of street food. It is part of the culinary culture of every region. It is a tradition and a way of life. This cuisine is delicious, simple, and local. Sometimes daring and surprising. Using every product down to the last piece. This is a great opportunity to try the most authentic dishes, which are characterised by remarkable simplicity, but also ingenuity. A perfect example is the Florentine Lampredotto or the Sicilian arrancini. Extremely intense flavors, to which you want to return and which you will not forget!

Aperitivo & Antipasto

Every day around 5:00 p.m. in Italy, the magical Aperitivo time begins.

Alcoholic drinks along with snacks are served in bars and restaurants before supper time to stimulate the appetite. This is a perfect opportunity to socialise and try new flavors. Prosecco and spritzers are typical aperitivo. A variety of starters are ordered to accompany them. Warm or cold. The purpose of serving them is to stimulate the taste buds and appetite before supper. The traditional antiapasto consists in a plate of various cold meats. There are also pickled vegetables, cheese, seafood, and Italian bread. The choice is extraordinary, and they all taste brilliant. This is a time for real pleasure!

Italy stands primarily for regional cuisine

A traditional meal consists in a large number of dishes.

We can find different traditional dishes in Piedmont, Liguria and completely different ones in Sicily. Some are based on seafood, others on meats. In Italy, offal is also a popular ingredient. We do our best to make the menu diverse. We want it to include vegetarian, meat, spicy, or mild dishes. Light and hearty meals. There is one rule: the recipe and the ingredients have to be originally Italian!!!
We start with the antipasto – an appetizer, then primo piatto - the first course, most often it is pasta, risotto, polenta, or a soup. In our case, our manufacture, I love Italy, is responsible for the production of homemade pasta. Later, secondo piatto, which is the main course - most often it consists in fish or meat, served with contorni - with various side dishes, for example potatoes or vegetables. They are always served separately. Never on the same plate as the main dish. If everything is served together, it means that this is not a typical Italian restaurant. The next ones are dolci - which means, sweets. After the dessert, a digestvo is obligatory. At the end of an Italian feast, you drink caffe, so an espresso.


The combination of a restaurant and salumeria allows you to familiarise yourself with the taste and quality of the product.

Of course, you can go to the supermarket and buy everything in one place. But there is another way. Almost every Italian, or an aficionado of good food, has his favorite bakery, butcher's shop, vegetable stand, fish shop, or a salumeria. The history of salumerie dates back to the Middle Ages. When meat curing was just a way of preserving it for longer. Later it became a culinary art. The modern concept consists in combining a delicatessen with a restaurant. It is definitely a place for connoisseurs of original Italian flavors and top-quality food. A place with delicious Italian meats, cheeses or regional specialties from all over Italy. At I Love Italy, you can try traditional dishes and stock up on products which you want to take home. All available cold cuts, cheeses, and sweets are selected by us. We tried them and discovered the secrets of their production. There's no coincidence here. Keep in mind that when you want to cook well, the products have to be of the highest quality !!!

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