We want to enamour you to Italian cuisine.

We love the view of the set table, we open something like home for guests.

We love the view of the set table, we open something like home for guests.
Meals together build relationships and bring back memories. In Polish culture, home-made pasta immediately reminds us of Sunday dinner at grandma's. Such dishes are on our menu. Recipes that Italians associate with home, childhood, Mamma and Nonna's cuisine.

Carefully guraded

Often local, little known. Simple and unpretentious dishes.

Made of simple ingredients that delight. Each Italian region has its own types of pasta and dishes, making the cuisine very diverse. We try to show it on our menu. We want guests to come to I Love Pasta and to be able to recall their summer holidays in Sardinia and skiing in South Tyrol ... or to try the flavors they did not have time or dared to eat on vacation.

The most important thing is quality

We serve pleasure on a plate.

In our kitchen, we attach great importance to what we cook from. Origin is important to us. We only select premium products. Imported from small Italian farms or family production plants, where the recipe has not changed for generations. Where the most important thing is always quality, not quantity! Products that we have tasted on site and we need to cook regional Italian specialties.

Authentic cuisine

The cuisine is an inseparable element of getting to know each country.

Neapolitan tripe, tagliatelle pasta with liver, black spaghetti in a black sauce dyed with cuttlefish ink - these are dishes worth eating at least once. In our opinion, trying new tastes, even those that are not entirely to our liking, allows us to see the differences in the cuisine of individual regions of Italy.

Something special...

The kitchen was created for the demand of pasta manufacture and restaurant.

The devices are definitely not like in an ordinary restaurant. A large part of the back room is occupied by the workshop, which we are constantly improving. There are real treasures in it. We import them mainly from Italy, but also from Japan and the United States. Often they are unique items made especially for us by local craftsmen and artists, using only traditional methods and from natural raw materials.

Italian food is home cooking

We produce our own pasta, gnocchi, ravioli, cappellacci and more ...

We guarantee that we do not use ready-made semi-finished products that just need to be defrosted or removed from the plastic packaging. Everything that comes out of the kitchen is made by us or prepared from the highest quality products. Therefore, sometimes a dish can run out faster, there can only be two flavors of ice cream and one dessert.

Our wine list is also small, although unique

Selected by the sommelier with whom we have been cooperating from the very beginning.

We open the bottles often enough to keep the wines fresh by the glass and not to use artificial preservation methods. Italian cuisine without wine does not exist, so we believe that the better it lands in a pot, the richer and fuller the taste of the dish will be.

We invite you to I Love Pasta

We want our guests to know what to expect - fresh,
homemade pasta and authentic Italian cuisine. Only this little, or maybe so much ...